New Staff Alert! – Meet Optometrist Cheryl Lloyds

At Bagot Opticians, we love being part of the local community. We have 4 branches in the Lake District/ Cumbria area that have been serving local residents for more than 5 years. Looking after your eyes is particularly important in this part of the world where there is so much beauty to see! Expanding our … Continue reading “New Staff Alert! – Meet Optometrist Cheryl Lloyds”

How A Children’s Eye Test Could Save Their Vision

Did you know that one in 5 school-age children have an undiagnosed problem with their vision? This isn’t surprising, given that a recent survey by the Association of Optometrists revealed that an astonishing 25% of school-age children have never had an eye test. If your child hasn’t yet had a children’s eye test, the sooner … Continue reading “How A Children’s Eye Test Could Save Their Vision”

Ortho K for Kids

ortho k bagot opticians

Here at the Kendal practice of Bagot Opticians, we offer overnight corrective contact lenses, A.K.A. Ortho-K! Did you know that these lenses help teenagers and children as young as 10, as well as adults? Ortho K is now one of the most convenient and safest ways to correct vision without potentially harmful side effects, like … Continue reading “Ortho K for Kids”

Ray-Ban, A Classic.

A Little Background.. Ray-Ban has been around for over 80 years, in that time they managed to establish themselves as an American Icon of culture alongside Mustangs, Levi’s and Michael Jackson. The brand was created when Lieutenant General John MacCready of the U.S Air Corps contacted Baush & Lomb to create eyewear for pilots who … Continue reading “Ray-Ban, A Classic.”