New Staff Alert! – Meet Optometrist Cheryl Lloyds

At Bagot Opticians, we love being part of the local community. We have 4 branches in the Lake District/ Cumbria area that have been serving local residents for more than 5 years. Looking after your eyes is particularly important in this part of the world where there is so much beauty to see!

Expanding our team is always a happy occasion because it means we can be of greater service to the area that we love. Today, we want to introduce our newest member – Cheryl Lloyds.

A bit about Cheryl

While she is new to us, Cheryl is not new to Cumbria or optometry. She has been a local resident for nearly 13 years now after moving from the south in 1996. She takes full advantage of all the delights the lakes and surrounding areas have to offer through running, cycling, mountain biking and walking her gorgeous dog.

Cheryl gained her BSc (Hons) from City University in London 30 years ago. Since then she has worked for both independent and big-name opticians gaining the level of experience that we are proud to offer at Bagot Opticians. As an added bonus, she is also MECS-qualified.

What is MECS-qualified?

MECS stands for Minor Eye Care Service. It’s a scheme that launched in 2013 to allow patients to book an emergency appointment for free at a local optician. Conditions covered by MECS include dryness, redness, pain, eyelid issues, suspected foreign bodies, flashes, floaters, poor vision or a reduction in your visual field.

This service allows patients to be seen quickly and have their issues addressed without a referral from their GP.

To become MECS-qualified, Cheryl completed distance learning, examinations and practical assessments. This requires a commitment to patient care and continuous professional development. She loves the diversity of this work and having the ability to offer patients immediate relief as well as ongoing support for their eye issues.

A warm welcome

We hope you will all join us in welcoming Cheryl to our team of opticians. You can book an appointment with her in Kendal or Penrith, take advantage of the MECS service or just drop in to say hello!