Enjoy Complete Freedom

How Could Noctural Change Your Life.

Nocturnal™ Lenses are unique contact lenses that take away your short sight while you sleep. They do this by gently changing the shape of your eye in a controlled way. All contact lenses even dailies change your eye in this way but Nocturnal™ Lenses are made to suit your eye precisely and enhance the affect to correct your eyesight. So when you wake up you will take out your Nocturnal™ Lenses and have clear vision all day! Nocturnal™ Lenses are cheaper than the monthly cost of some daily disposable contact lenses.

You could experience a different lifestyle feeling free from most of the hassles of normal contact lenses. Nocturnal™ wearers no longer experience problems with hay fever, dryness, air conditioning, wind, dust or slippage… leaving you free to focus on enjoying a modern, active lifestyle.


  • No contact related dryness during the day
  • Naturally good eyesight during the day
  • None of the risks of laser surgery
  • Comparable cost to regular contact lenses
  • Possibly never have to buy spectacles again

Information provided courtesy of Scotlens