Ray-Ban, A Classic.

A Little Background..

Ray-Ban has been around for over 80 years, in that time they managed to establish themselves as an American Icon of culture alongside Mustangs, Levi’s and Michael Jackson. The brand was created when Lieutenant General John MacCready of the U.S Air Corps contacted Baush & Lomb to create eyewear for pilots who were complaining of headaches due to the exposure to the sun at the high altitudes they had to fly in. The frame they came out with back then is now known as the Ray-Ban Aviators – who would’ve knew how much of an impact one pair of sunglasses would have on the American culture!

Over the next few decades Ray-Ban would experiment with various shapes and sizes for their collections, here are some of the most recognisable shapes that Ray-Ban created over the decades.

Ray-Ban Polarized

If you’ve planned an amazing summer get away to the beach, then you NEED a pair of Ray Ban Polarised glasses. These glasses have a special lens coating which was designed specifically to block the glare from reflected light. This is vital when near water or any surfaces that allow light to reflect – polarised glasses will give you 100% UV protection where standard sunglasses wouldn’t. Some of the advantages to polarised glasses include:

• Improves vision comfort
• Reduces eye strain and fatigue
• Improves overall clarity
• Reduced Reflections
• Removes Glare
• More vibrancy in colours

If you’re still having second doubts about Polarised glasses, we want to give our readers a special offer to allow as many people to get a chance to experience great vision! From now on you can get a complete pair of Ray-Bans for just £185! (please note polarised lenses are available at an extra cost).

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