Top Family Eye Care Tips for Summer

Are you taking the kids to the beach this summer? Maybe you’ll be making a few last minute trips this bank holiday to enjoy the great outdoors or simply relaxing in the garden while the sun is shining? Whatever the case, it’s important that you take steps to protect everyone’s vision. Family eye care is important all year round but especially when the sun is at its strongest over the summer months. 

To help you and your family enjoy healthy vision this summer, here are 4 essential eye care tips:

Put on those shades

All that summer sunshine means your eyes are exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. This is particularly dangerous for young eyes as they have not fully developed yet. It isn’t just your skin that can get sunburnt, your eyes can too. So make sure you invest in sunglasses for yourself and your children and check that they provide 100% protection against both UVA and UVB rays. 

Contacts out, goggles on

Whether you’re going for a swim in the pool or in the ocean, take your contact lenses out. Bacteria in the water can latch onto contacts and as these are in direct contact with your eyes, you’re far more likely to catch a nasty eye infection. Goggles offer the best protection and in pools, prevent chlorine in the water from irritating your eyes. 

Get help when  you need it

Summer fun can mean toys flying about, unrestrained splashing and a general increase in the risk of something flying into your child’s eyes or yours. If an eye injury occurs, see an optometrist straight away. 

Get tested

When the summer is over, school is back on. Make sure your child has their free annual eye test before then, so if there are any eye health problems detected or there is a need for vision correction, you can get it sorted out before school starts. 

At Bagot Opticians, family eye care lies at the heart of each of our practices. Our optometrists are all experienced in children’s eye health and will be happy to offer you advice and eye care tips for the whole family. Get in touch with our opticians in Kendal, Grange, Penrith or Windermere to book eye tests for you and the kids.