How A Children’s Eye Test Could Save Their Vision

Did you know that one in 5 school-age children have an undiagnosed problem with their vision? This isn’t surprising, given that a recent survey by the Association of Optometrists revealed that an astonishing 25% of school-age children have never had an eye test. If your child hasn’t yet had a children’s eye test, the sooner they do, the better.


Because poor vision in childhood has long-term consequences. Here are 3 major consequences of not taking your child for a children’s eye test:

Lazy eye goes undetected

One in 50 children in the UK have lazy eye, also known as amblyopia. This is where one or both eyes lack a strong connection to the brain, which results in poor vision. Left untreated, it can lead to a permanent reduction in eyesight and a decreased ability to perceive depth. Unfortunately treatment becomes much more difficult after the age of 6, which is why the NHS recommends screenings for lazy eye by the age of 4.

Learning becomes harder

80% of everything a child learns in or out of the classroom needs good vision. Un-diagnosed vision problems can therefore mean your child struggles to achieve academically, finds sports and other activities that require good vision more challenging, and simply doesn’t have as much fun in or out of school.

Short-sightedness gets missed

Short-sightedness in very young children often continues to worsen throughout their childhood, increasing their risk of developing serious vision problems or eye diseases in adulthood, such as glaucoma, cataracts and retinal detachment. When diagnosed early, the gradual worsening of short-sightedness can be slowed.

You can make sure your child avoids all of the above by taking them for an eye test in Kendal, Windermere, Grange or Penrith at Bagot Opticians – your family-run opticians in Cumbria. We offer free NHS eye tests to all children aged under 16 years.

If you’re thinking that you’ve already got things covered as your child had a vision screening at school, it is important to know that this basic test only picks up the most obvious vision problems with specific visual tasks.

On the other hand, an eye test in Kendal, or any of our other branches, is completely comprehensive as it detects a wider range of problems, including those with more subtle signs. This ensures your child’s vision is as clear as possible for when they go back to school.

So why not book a children’s eye test with us at Bagots Opticians during the upcoming Cumbria half term? Our friendly optometrists will put your child at ease and make sure they enjoy healthy vision for years to come. We hope to see you soon!