Spotlight on Silhouette Eyewear

Silhouette Eyewear

Known as the world’s lightest glasses, Silhouette eyewear is not only a work of art, but also an engineering marvel. Mastering unparalleled lightness through strength, these timeless designs are a must-have this holiday season.

Created in Austria in 1964, these unique frames are loved by many the world over (and even astronauts in space!). Available with over 400 different lens shapes and an array of colours, styles and the option of bespoke design to fit your face perfectly – it’s safe to say that when you choose Silhouette, no one will ever own a frame quite like yours.

Along with both its acetate and rimless designs, the Silhouette eyewear range offers wearers the opportunity for greater individuality with its luxury line. With the Atelier range, combining 18-carat gold with hand-set gemstones, and the Elegance range uniting 23-carat solid gold-plated materials with a distinctive design, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice with these collections.

Atelier Silhouette

However, the Silhouette range doesn’t just stop at stunning designs, the engineering and research behind these glasses is astounding. The company truly revolutionised the world of eyewear with the sheer lightness of its frames, something that had never been achieved to this level before by any other eyewear brand.

Using high-tech titanium, as well as their unique SPX® synthetic material, they have been able to create ultralight eyewear, with their Titan Minimal Art rimless collection even going as far as to strip away frames, screws and hinges, for a pair of glasses that only weighs 1.8 grams.

The team prides themselves on extremely high standards of workmanship and aim to create glasses that are not only beautiful, but highly durable too. With the innovative 11-layer Clear Sensation lens coating, Silhouette glasses lenses repel water and smudges effortlessly, meaning that you can simply enjoy wearing your glasses without the hassle of constantly having to clean them.

Silhouette Mens

The clarity of these lenses is also second to none. Designed to optimise your entire field of vision right to the edge of the lens, minimise sway and distortion and seamlessly adjust to UV light, you’ll benefit from quality performance and superior comfort all in one.

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